This twitter account, #CoverTheAthlete, points out female discrimination in sports coverage. They post to bring awareness to the issue and demand fair and equal representation by posting relevant statistics, articles and videos.


Strength is Beauty

In this video for Cosmopolitan Magazine, famous female athletes Natasha Hastings, Sanya Richards-Ross, Christmas Abbott, Jessica Eye, and Massy Arias discuss their experiences being a female in the sport world. All of them have experienced body shaming during their careers, but they offer insight on how they overcame this hate and turned their strength into beauty.

“Can you give us a twirl?”

In this video, news interviewers ask questions to male athletes that are questions commonly presented to female athletes. Evident by their facial expressions and reactions, they’re offended and in shock by these ignorant and irrelevant questions. But when the video shows one clip of a female athlete being asked to “give us a twirl,” she barley reacts as though she is use to a request like this. This video draws attention to the sexism in athletics and how nonsensical commentary is excused for women but not men. 

Female Olympic Athletes Still Not Taken Seriously


In this U.S. News opinion, Susan Milligan discusses the ongoing battle female athletes face to prove themselves in sports. Milligan points out the countless restrictions placed on female athletes such as their dress code and claims that the purpose of these “dress codes” is to attract more male viewers. The reason people watch a sport should be to support the strength and talent of athletes: not to admire and analyze their bodies.